Meet Chef Kelly

Meet Chef Kelly

Born and raised in Thailand, Kelly Kiattful’s growing passion for food and the service industry began at her family’s hotel in Phuket. This in turn led to her traveling to America where she earned a Master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from University of Wisconsin at Stout. 

After traveling back to Thailand to help her family recover from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Kelly returned to the U.S. to figure out the next step in her career. She ultimately helped a friend start a Thai restaurant in Harrisburg, a small town in Pennsylvania. She was surprised and fascinated by the love the locals had for Thai cuisine. It was then thatKelly realized her calling and focused on being a chef. 

Shortly thereafter, Kelly combined her passion for Thai cuisine with her passion for her community and opened a cooking school at her family’s hotel in Phuket. Despite having no formal experience in teaching, she grew the school from an unknown, class of two students to the highest ranked cooking school in Phuket. 

As a southern Thai style chef, Kelly was highly influenced by the home cooking of her mother. Kelly specializes in traditional southern dishes such as: Kang Talay, (crab curry), Kai Kamin, fried chicken with turmeric (deep fried), and Tod mun. 

Being a relative newcomer to the Bay Area, Kelly quickly fell in love with its sights and sounds. Kelly is now an integral part of Summer Summer Thai Eatery in Emeryville—becoming chef and a partner.